US Youth Soccer

2019 Soccer Village Cup

Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2019 Soccer Village Cup tournament for the age group.
12U Boys 2nd Division 25 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Lexington FC U12BR(LYSA) n/a 0216-201SB2U-0011   n/a
 A2 CKY Storm 07 Boys White(CKYST) n/a 0232-001SB2U-0011   n/a
 A3 MC United 07(MCYSA) n/a 0327-316AB2U-0002   n/a
 A4 SKY Academy 2007 Boys Blue(SKY) n/a 0422-412CB2U-0004   n/a
 B1 NKSA B07 Pro(NKSA) n/a 0112-114SB2U-0012   n/a
 B2 SportsTutor 2007 Boys(USC) n/a 0425-002SB2U-0011   n/a
 B3 Kentucky Fire Juniors B07 Premier Navy(KFJ) n/a 0307-317CB2U-0019   n/a
 B4 CKY Storm 07 Boys Black n/a 0232-001SB2U-0016   n/a
 C1 Pumas 07(PUMAS) n/a 0421-4501B2U-0006   n/a
 C2 Commonwealth SC 2007 Boys Gold(CSC) n/a 0205-232HB2U-0020   n/a
 C3 07 Boys Black(GFC) n/a 0210-210SB2U-0008   n/a
 C4 KHA B07 Grey(KHSC) n/a 0108-103AB2U-0028   n/a
 D1 International(united) n/a 0324-302SB2U-0006   n/a
 D2 Oldham SC '07B Blue(OSC) n/a 0315-310SB2U-0010   n/a
 D3 FCSC BU12 Green(FCSC) n/a 0329-339BB2U-0016   n/a
 D4 2007 FCKentucky Boys(FCKY) n/a 0223-209SB2U-0002   n/a
 E1 LSA '07 East(LSA) n/a 0309-305SB2U-0008   n/a
 E2 Bluegrass SC 07 Boys(BSC) n/a 0224-2042B2U-0010   n/a
 E3 Commonwealth SC 2007 Boys Blue(CSC) n/a 0205-232HB2U-0021   n/a
 E4 Kentucky Fire Juniors B07 Premier White(KFJ) n/a 0307-317CB2U-0018   n/a
 F1 KHA B07 Blue(KHSC) n/a 0108-103AB2U-0029   n/a
 F2 Lexington FC U12 BB n/a 0216-201SB2U-0009   n/a
 F3 OESA-KY 07B Gold(OESAKY) n/a 0313-338SB2U-0009   n/a
 F4 2007 Javanon U12 WHT (m)(JavaFC) n/a 0326-323AB2U-0012   n/a
 F5 U12 Boys White(AFFC) n/a 0301-335SB2U-0013   n/a

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